2D + 3D Floor Plans

3D Floor Plans Portfolio

2D Floor Plans Portfolio

Use just one high quality image to capture the detail, scale and size of your entire project or design. This is a fantastic way to engage interested client, or start marketing and showcasing a property to its fullest potential while it is still in the construction or planning stages.

2D Colour Floor Plans are used to better display the scale, size and detail of a design/concept or property by means of adding colour/shadow and overall depth to a 2D plan. By providing potential clients with this useful tool, they can easily start planning on how to utilize the space.

3D Floor Plans are the step up from the 2D option whereby we extrude the plan into 3D, add in the various 3D furnishings/deco as per your brief, we then light, texture and render out CGI's directly from above or as an axonometric view. This is an essential tool to showcase floor plans especially where one finds a client struggling to understand a plan in a 2D format.

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